What if your critical logistic data are real-time?

New Zealand is a hotbed of LoRa expertise. Firekart's graph data expertise helps businesses filter and transform high-volume IoT data into actionable analytics.


Firekart designs and builds systems that leverage the advantages of cloud services. Designing for connected data requires technology selection readily available in cloud environments but scarce in business.

Cloud is both an enabler and a driver as businesses strive for innovation and to be faster on their feet. In any market, cloud lowers entry barriers through streamlined operations and elasticity. New entrants can become game-changing competitors fast. Existing players respond by adopting the same approaches.

Public, private or hybrid, cloud is now likely to be the optimal choice for new and re-platformed systems. The ability to rapidly provision, scale and manage infrastructure and software yields economic, operational and business agility benefits unachievable through previous on-premise approaches.

Availability, data security and regulatory concerns must be addressed up-front through structured assessment. Some exceptionally sensitive systems may not be cloud candidates, but the rapid advancement cloud technologies is continuously reducing the list.

Our cloud capabilities include:

  • availability and security assessment
  • service selection
  • cost optimization
  • application and software framework deployment
  • monitoring and reporting configuration
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Security and Identity Management

Trust, data privacy and protection against malicious use must be cornerstones of a composite digital platform. Firekart provides services that address these aspects as part of application development and deployment, or as discrete engagements.

In hand with moving business to cloud, businesses are streamlining identity management. Providing access to many as-a-service applications now often means selection and adoption of an identity provider and for service providers to support federated authentication and authorization. The need to open internal systems and networks up means an increased focus on best practice infrastructure and application security, and often new capabilities to test security provision.

Our security and identity management capabilities include:

  • configuration for federated identity management
  • software infrastructure hardening
  • penetration testing
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Our design approach centers on prioritized business objectives; a strong security model; user and domain data understanding; and focus on usability.

Mobile is now a normal channel for delivering business applications, open systems mean that greater volumes of customer data is available to leverage. More than ever, system development requires a end-to-end understanding of the opportunities and challenges of each design domain. From delivering a maintainable responsive web ui to providing secure, scalable, performant data stores.

Our design capabilities include:

  • software framework and infrastructure selection
  • security, authentication and authorization
  • business logic design
  • data structure and persistence
  • mobile responsive presentation and ui
  • analytics
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Our work is driven by an outcome-focussed agile ethos, where quickly meeting business objectives is key and cross-team collaboration and frequent communication is essential. It's a natural fit for business that have adopted or want to adopt a DevOps approach.

Market entrants launch a minimum viable product quickly, then rapidly refine customer offerings by repeatedly trialling multiple product/pricing configurations on target subsets selected by data profile. Businesses now want to adopt this fast-cycle change and are increasingly want to bring continuous development into operational activities.

Our DevOps capabilities include:

  • continuous systems development, integration and deployment
  • testing and support
  • concept prototyping
  • dynamic web applications
  • database and analytics
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BusinessGraph™ is an information management and visualization tool that enables online access to a source-of-truth repository for enterprise portfolio data. The key uses cases supported are:

  • Supporting business decisions through information generated by powerful graph queries.
  • Online model creation, access and sharing

Business Graph now ships with Firekart's ArchiMate compliant metamodel ArchiType™

Data Source, Data Stores and Integration

Business Graph allows you to build views and models from your data held in HP ServiceNow, CA PPM and Planview Troux or BusinessGraph's own JanusGraph database. BusinessGraph can also perform the role of integration hub between these platforms, using automatically scheduled and manually run tasks to extract, transform and load data from one source to another.

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