BusinessGraph™ is an information management and visualization tool that enables online access to a source-of-truth repository for enterprise portfolio data. The key uses cases supported are:

  • Supporting business decisions through information generated by powerful graph queries.
  • Online model creation, access and sharing

Business Graph now ships with Firekart's ArchiMate compliant metamodel ArchiType™

Information Repository

BusinessGraph uses Firekart's FireGraph - a highly scalable JanusGraph back-end - to delivery exceptional query performance. JanusGraph is an industry-backed open source project utilizing ElasticSearch and Hadoop technologies. This means BusinessGraph is able to process data volumes way in excess of other relational-based solutions and be incredibly cost-effective by avoiding third party database licensing.

For customers that are users of Planview's Troux product, BusinessGraph can use the Troux API to query and persist information into your existing enterprise repository.

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Views and Visualizations

Teams constantly need to prepare views of enterprise data in their organizations preferred format. BusinessGraph automates this process, using live data to populate configurable views; ensuring the outputs use current data and saving time extracting data from operational systems into spreadsheets, presentations and drawing applications.

Online Modeling

BusinessGraph enables users to create and view business models online in their standard browsers, without the need for client software. Models use data from the repository or new user created content. Organizations can define meta-models to restrict and guide the creation of new contents. Models can be saved as work-in-progress and shared between users, with the ability to commit changes to the core data in the repository

For customers that have Troux Architect models, BusinessGraph offers the ability to import and share models online, with the data updating either a Troux repository of BusinessGraph's own FireGraph back-end.

In our roadmap we have similar support for Aris and Sparx models planned. We welcome requests for support of other formats.

Customizable Metamodel

BusinessGraph is designed around a unique meta-metamodel that enables support and customization of metamodels for any information domain. BusinessGraph ships with an extensive metamodel for technology and business. Customers can change, extend or entirely replace this to suit, or use other frameworks like ArchiMate.

Application Environment

BusinessGraph is designed as a cloud based solution, alternatively your organization might choose to host internally. Licensing options include:

  • Firekart managed AWS hosting
  • Customer managed Cloud hosting
  • Customer internal hosting - Linux or Windows

Demonstration System/Sandpit

Try BusinessGraph by logging into our demonstration system, or use the link at the top of the page. You'll need to register as a new user with your email address, and give your permission for us to contact you to get your feedback. We won't use your details for any other purpose or share with any other organization. Passwords are stored encrypted.

To arrange to see a demonstration of the ArchiType metamodel, please contact us.

How-to Videos

Check out our gallery of how-to videos, we are aiming to add these regularly, each one explaining and demonstrating a different aspect of BusinessGraph

  • 1. Importing a Troux Architect model
  • 2. Introduction to Querying the Graph